PA School narrative: How to frame your weaknesses as strengths

As you write your personal narrative, you’ll need to portray yourself as honestly as possible. This means that, while you get to praise yourself by pointing out the key abilities and characteristics that make you a stand-out physician assistant, you may also need to address your weaknesses. While you might be reluctant to pinpoint something that could harm your chances of being the optimal candidate, weaknesses can be an outstanding way to frame your strengths- you just need to know how to present them.

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Are your answers as strong as your application?

A strong answer to an interview question can take many shapes and forms, but it should always have a significant impact. In most situations, the interview committee is looking for a strong answer rather than an answer that’s necessarily right or wrong (unless the question is purely fact-based, then you’ll want to make sure your answer is correct). Regardless, crafting a strong answer comes from preparation and attentiveness.

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Comparing a Physician Assistant to a Medical Doctor

When considering a career in the medical field, many spend time wondering which specific position they should consider. Many assume that you need to be a Medical Doctor in order to make a great living as a medical professional, but the MD path may not be right for all. Trying to get a sense of which career path would suit you best can be difficult, so we’ve pinpointed the finer points of each profession. Take a look below to see the pros and cons of becoming a Physician Assistant or a Medical Doctor.

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The EXCELL Fact Sheet: What can our Pre-PA program do for you?

Did you know the national acceptance rate to PA schools nationwide is only 6.7%? Compare this to the 97% acceptance rate for EXCELL clerkship graduates and you’ll see exactly what the EXCELL has to offer!

The EXCELL Pre PA clerkship is a fantastic way to secure your future by taking a huge, proactive step towards becoming a PA. Everyone applying to PA school will have shadowing experience, but few will have the experience and mentoring hours you’ll have after completing our program. Read more »

Financial Resources to Ease the Cost of PA School

Let’s face it- higher education isn’t cheap.

Finding the funds to cover the cost of PA school may be difficult, but it shouldn’t be a barrier between you and your career aspirations. While the cost of attendance can vary significantly between programs, there are plenty of resources available for students that are in need of some financial assistance- you just need to know where to look! The following tips and resources are great tools to help you finance your PA education.

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Top 10 Things to Know Before Starting PA School

If you’ve made the decision to become a Physician Assistant, you’re likely focused on the application process and not what happens afterwards. Once your personal narrative has been written and your interviews are over, you’ll probably spend time celebrating and preparing yourself to turn down all of the offers you’ll get (because trust us, you’ll be getting plenty of acceptance letters if you prepare with Excell!).

Regardless of your academic or personal background, Physician Assistant school will be an entirely different experience. If you want to make the most of your time in school, it helps to know what to expect.   You probably already know you’ll be spending a lot of time studying, but there’s much more to doing well in PA school than that. Read more »

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