Host Patient Liaisons

We hope you understand why hosting Pre Physician Assistant students is valuable to the healthcare industry – by allowing our Pre PAs to shadow your current Physician Assistants, you are playing a vital role in the education of our future healthcare providers. However, your healthcare institution will also benefit from hosting a Pre PA student because all of our Pre Physician Assistant students function as Patient Liaisons.

The goal of a Patient Liaison is to act as an impartial third party between the patient and the healthcare institution – our Patient Liaisons assess quality of life dimensions to help the facility administration resolve problems before they become serious issues that could lead to potential complaints. All of our Pre PA students have cleared background checks and are cleared to work in a healthcare setting – they are also trained in the HIPAA basics and Universal Precautions, and armed with our valuable Patient Quality Assurance Survey.

Five Reasons to Host Pre ​Physician Assistant Students:

  1. There is no cost
  2. They reduce patient risk at your facility
  3. They improve communication between your staff & patients
  4. We provide a Quality Assurance Survey for your QA staff
  5. You will contribute to the education of future physician assistants

The Patient Quality Assurance Survey

“This program has improved my resident satisfaction to levels which I could never have planned…if there is a concern expressed to the Pre PA, it is addressed and resolved immediately. The Pre PA makes sure that the follow up is being done…we can then follow up with the department head to assure resident satisfaction.”
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The Patient Quality Assurance is a survey used to assess the quality of the patients’ experiences while in the facility. It consists of a set of custom-designed questions concerning patients quality of life at a healthcare facility including admissions, diets, rehabilitation, nursing, and activities. The categories of the survey questions will be customized to your facility – at no charge to you. ​It is a simple yet extremely effective way to increase the satisfaction in not only the patients, but also the patients’ families and even staff members. Any improvement made, great or small, will make a positive change for every person in any facility.

Patients are interviewed on a weekly basis for 25 weeks (six months), and new patients are added to the survey at the time of admission. The results are tabulated in a customized worksheet which automatically generates graphs and charts to determine quality of life trends, reflecting the experience of each patient, each department, each question, and the entire facility.

Data can be graphed at any time during the patient’s stay in order to evaluate whether his stay is improving or worsening. Once this is determined, a plan of action can be created to correct the problems.

Each month, the results should be revisited to see if any improvements have been made. The Patient Quality of Stay Survey is an essential tool for any healthcare facility- see examples of the valuable insight you will gain below.

Patient Liaison PA Program Quality SurveyPatient Liaison PA Program Quality Assurance Survey


Patient Advocacy Program Testimonials

“Having the benefit of this student program in our building has helped us achieve the minimization of unnecessary discharges and an added resource of patient assessment as it relates to patient length of
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“The program as a whole is organized, non-intrusive, informative and professional. Thank you for creatively developing this clerkship and helping WayneView provide even better quality care to patients that come through our doors.”
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“As an administrator in healthcare, I feel that the EXCELL program is an excellent program with so many benefits for the students, center, and residents. We have hosted several students through the EXCELL program and there has been exceptional feedback. All of the students have been compassionate and formed so many lasting relationships with our residents. The students were able to spend time with the residents and through that quality time spent, offer suggestions to the department heads/staff to improve the residents’ quality of care. In addition, they all went above and beyond to help the residents in anything that was needed. The students have become an integral part of the team, and we look forward to new students joining us whenever able. I recommend that any center who is able to host a student take part in this fantastic program.
Kyri Menaker, Administrator at Atrium Post Acute Care of Wayne