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7 Tricks To Answer Behavioral Questions at your PA School Interview

During your interview process, you’ll undoubtedly be asked behavioral questions. The goal of questions like these is to flesh out examples of skills, characteristics, and experiences that directly relate to your value as a potential PA student.   These questions are vital because they give your interviewers clear, concrete examples of who you are as an individual, so you’ll want to make sure your answers are not only full of detail, but clear and concise.

It’s important to note that nothing sets you up for success like prior preparation. Taking the time to go over the most common behavioral questions asked during an interview is a great place to start practicing. On top of prior preparation, you’ll easily be able to answer any behavioral question thrown at you by using the following tricks.

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How to get patient contact experience for PA school

If you’re racking your brain to come up with direct patient contact experience, stop for a second and consider all of the direct experience you get just through the Excell Pre PA Assistant Clerkship program!

Not only do you get over 200 hours of real-life patient experience over the course of your clerkship, you’ll come out the other side being able to speak directly to your role as a patient advocate and liaison. By the time you’re done, you’ll have developed skills in bedside manner, gotten direct patient interaction, detected and resolved patient quality of life issues, worked as a liaison between patients and staff, experienced being part of a healthcare team, and more!

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Are your answers as strong as your application?

A strong answer to an interview question can take many shapes and forms, but it should always have a significant impact. In most situations, the interview committee is looking for a strong answer rather than an answer that’s necessarily right or wrong (unless the question is purely fact-based, then you’ll want to make sure your answer is correct). Regardless, crafting a strong answer comes from preparation and attentiveness.

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PA School Interview Tip: Sharing Your Experience With The STAR Technique

During the PA application process, you should answer questions with situational anecdotes, or by showing how your experiences relate to patient care as well as whom you are as an individual. Telling a compelling, well-crafted story is the best way to do this, but making sure your story hits all of the key points and while clearly relating to the question at hand can be a difficult task without a framework to rely on.

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Ethical PA School Interview Questions: Is Healthcare an Entitlement or Right?

In the US, healthcare is overwhelmingly regarded as a right and has been for a number of years now. The debate between healthcare as an entitlement or a right is a topic all healthcare providers must face over the course of their careers.

During your interview, be prepared to discuss this concept: “is health care a right to all that live in our country?” Keep in mind that your task isn’t to give a convincing, once-and-for-all solution to the “entitlement vs. right” debate. Rather than vehemently taking a stance one way or another, your answer should directly reflect the following: Read more »

How To Deal With Ethical Questions at a PA School Interview

During your interview, you will absolutely be posed with an ethical question. By definition, ethical questions at a PA school interview are related to morality and the concept of professional ethics in relation to problems or dilemmas involving moral compromise. These can be some of the most crucial questions at a PA school interview because the way you answer them is a direct reflection of your character. Read more »

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