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How Do PA Schools Judge Applicants?

Do you know what PA programs look for when judging their potential students? Knowing what each program looks for and how they’ll be assessing both your interview performance and application materials are crucial in determining your success.  Think of it this way: its much easier to get a high score on a test if you know how you’re being scored.  The same concept rings true for your acceptance into a PA program.

There are three main scoring criteria all programs use when judging their candidates; cognitive and verbal abilities, motivations, and interpersonal skills.  By keeping these three main scoring criteria in mind, you’ll have a much easier time writing your personal narratives and conducting yourself during your interviews.

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Get Stressed Easily? Try the STAR Technique To Reduce Stress!

STAR technique to reduce stressNothing reduces stress like being well prepared ahead of time- there’s just no replacement for this.  That being said, stressful situations can affect even the most prepared person.  If you’re easily susceptible to stress or have a hard time getting control of your nerves, the STAR technique can help.  When used properly, this simple technique can target the root of your stress and obliterate it. Read more »

How to Make a Great First Impression at Your PA School Interview

Its human nature to quickly form first impressions, like judging a book by its cover or a restaurant by the pictures on its menu.   People often judge each other immediately upon meeting, so it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be judged as an applicant the moment you walk into the interview room.  To help maximize your first impression, you’ll want to have a game plan.

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Gain Interview Confidence Through the Excell Pre PA Clerkship Program

During your time in the EXCELL program, you’ll have a huge advantage of participating in not one but two mock interviews. You’ll be able to practice your communication skills, put what you’ve learned to the test, and get a better sense for what to expect come interview day. Your interviews will be taped and critiqued by our interview panel to help evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

During these mock interviews, its common for students to passively mention the EXCELL program to interviewers without expanding on exactly how EXCELL has helped to make them a better candidate for PA school. One of the great benefits of EXCELL (besides the 97% PA school acceptance rate) is the ability to confidently communicate what you can contribute as a student and future PA as a direct result of what you learned and experienced through the program.

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Why Do You Want To Become A PA?

We’ve covered a lot of the most common questions that you’ll face during your interview, but one stands out above the rest. Without any doubt, you’ll be asked why you want to become a PA. It makes sense that this is one of the most important questions you’ll need to answer because it gets to the root of who you are, shows what motivates you, and provides a window into the past experiences that have shaped your decision making up until this point in your life.

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The Top 8 PA School Interview Questions

There are literally hundreds of different questions you could be asked during your PA school interview. During your preparation, try to focus on the questions that are most commonly asked rather than what “might” be asked. Be sure prepare your answers for these questions early on so you have ample time to focus on other material that may need extra attention.

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