How to build confidence for your PA School interview

To sell yourself effectively during your PA school interview, you’ll need to project confidence. Everybody knows that confidence is the key to a great interview, but it’s only obtained through proper preparation. So how can you ensure you’re preparing as effectively as possible for interview day?

At its core, preparation is the act of combining knowledge and experience to bring forth a natural instinct to perform successfully. It allows you to internalize the components you need to use so you can focus solely on your performance. After all, if you review your anecdotes. Facts, and experiences to the point that they become second nature, you won’t have to rely on memorization alone come interview day.

If you find that you’re having a hard time recalling your prepared interview question responses confidently, you may not be spending enough quality time reviewing your material. You want to get yourself to the point where answering an interview question is as easy as answering “when is your birthday?”

Rather than worrying about getting to the final, confident stage, try to focus on the experiences, skills, and characteristics you want to convey at your interview. Once you have a clear list of the traits you want to focus on, the rest can fall by the wayside. After that, your task is simple- repetition, repetition, and more repetition!

We call the strategy of combining knowledge and experience with action Success By Design, which follows two simple formulas:

Knowledge + Experience = Preparation

Preparation + Practice = Instinct

Take as much time as needed to review your knowledge and experiences. You’ll want to reflect on any patient contact or shadowing experiences you’ve had, and take stock of the relationships you have with any healthcare staff or administration. If you struggle with this, try keeping a journal so you can have an easy way to review and compare everything you’ve recalled so far from memory. As you begin to review the material regularly, you’ll begin to feel more prepared for anything your interview panel could possibly throw at you and, in turn, you’ll feel more and more confident!