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The Three Traits All Physician Assistant Schools Look For

“Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.”

Regardless of who you are or what you do, your ability to adapt, improvise, and overcome will help you accomplish any goal and overcome any hardship.  These three words are the keys to being a standout physician assistant student, but they’re also three of the most coveted traits physician assistant schools are looking for.

Let’s dig into each word to see how they apply to successful PAs. Read more »

Tools To Help You Get Into PA School

Preparing your PA school application can be difficult without any outside help. Creating a timeline for the application process can help you stay on top of your application materials, but it won’t provide you with tools you can use to actually help you prepare.

If researching PA programs, preparing your narrative, gaining health care experience, or practicing for your interview seems overwhelming, you may want to consider using some of the valuable resources below. You’ll find that with a little reassurance, a helping hand, and some tools to rely on, you’ll be able to ace the entire application process. Read more »

7 Things to Consider When Choosing Physician Assistant Programs

One of the most daunting parts of the PA school application process is weeding through all of the programs to find the ones that fit your needs. You should be on the lookout for schools that fit your checklist of “must-haves” while simultaneously compiling a list of schools where you’d be a good candidate.

When searching for programs, ask yourself the following questions about each school.  By doing this, you’ll know exactly what each program has to offer and if it’s worth your time to apply. Read more »

How to Choose The Best Undergraduate Major for PA School

When beginning to plan for PA school, many students question which major will help them get into the best PA program possible. Students that are in the process of completing their undergraduate studies or those who have decided to return to school often think that majoring in biology, pre-med, or even a pre-PA program will give them the competitive edge needed to get into a top rated program. While this vein of thinking is completely logical, challenging majors like these aren’t always your best bet. Read more »

How Important is PA Program Length?

It seems like many PA programs are increasing the amount of months it takes to complete their curriculum. The average PA program length has increased to around 26 months, with some spanning 36 months or more.  While some may argue that the quality and depth of PA training will increase with more program time, this approach isn’t necessarily true.

Longer program lengths do allow for additional training and projects, but they also come with some negative consequences. Read more »

How To Choose Quality References for Letters of Recommendation

More often than not, applicants don’t focus enough of their attention on their letters of recommendation.  Many pick a handful of references, provide them with the information needed to submit their recommendations, and completely forget about them.  While you can’t involve yourself to the point where you’re editing your own letters of recommendation, an outstanding letter of recommendation could very well be the difference between landing an interview and being passed over by admissions committees.

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How to Pick the Perfect Physician Assistant Program

Searching for the perfect PA program can be a daunting task.  Weighing the pros and cons of each program on your radar can be stressful and may even obscure the fact that you should be looking for the right school that fits your needs. If you’re too focused on being a perfect applicant, you may end up applying to a program that doesn’t end up serving your best interests.

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A Guide to Picking The Right PA Program For You

One of the hardest parts of applying to PA school is actually choosing which programs are right for you. You should be looking for the right school that fits your needs while simultaneously compiling a list of schools where you’d be a good candidate. When searching for programs, ask yourself the following questions about each school.  You’ll find that by doing this, you’ll have a better sense of what each program has to offer.

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How Do PA Schools Judge Applicants?

Do you know what PA programs look for when judging their potential students? Knowing what each program looks for and how they’ll be assessing both your interview performance and application materials are crucial in determining your success.  Think of it this way: its much easier to get a high score on a test if you know how you’re being scored.  The same concept rings true for your acceptance into a PA program.

There are three main scoring criteria all programs use when judging their candidates; cognitive and verbal abilities, motivations, and interpersonal skills.  By keeping these three main scoring criteria in mind, you’ll have a much easier time writing your personal narratives and conducting yourself during your interviews.

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