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What to Look For in a PA Program

When choosing the best PA program for you, it may be hard to weed through all the choices. The stress of figuring out which programs you’re a strong candidate for may obscure the fact that you should be looking for the right school that fits your needs. If you’re too focused on being a perfect applicant, you may end up applying to a program that doesn’t end up serving your best interests.

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Financial Resources to Ease the Cost of PA School

Let’s face it- higher education isn’t cheap.

Finding the funds to cover the cost of PA school may be difficult, but it shouldn’t be a barrier between you and your career aspirations. While the cost of attendance can vary significantly between programs, there are plenty of resources available for students that are in need of some financial assistance- you just need to know where to look! The following tips and resources are great tools to help you finance your PA education.

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Top 10 Things to Know Before Starting PA School

If you’ve made the decision to become a Physician Assistant, you’re likely focused on the application process and not what happens afterwards. Once your personal narrative has been written and your interviews are over, you’ll probably spend time celebrating and preparing yourself to turn down all of the offers you’ll get (because trust us, you’ll be getting plenty of acceptance letters if you prepare with Excell!).

Regardless of your academic or personal background, Physician Assistant school will be an entirely different experience. If you want to make the most of your time in school, it helps to know what to expect.   You probably already know you’ll be spending a lot of time studying, but there’s much more to doing well in PA school than that. Read more »

What Should You Pick For Your Pre-Physician Major?

When beginning to plan for PA school, many students question which major will help them get into the PA program of their choice. Students that are in the process of completing their undergraduate studies or those who have decided to return to school often think that majoring in biology, pre-med, or even a pre-PA program will give them a competitive advantage. We’re here to tell you that while this may seem like a good idea, these specific pre-physician majors aren’t necessarily your best bet. Read more »

The Three Main Scoring Criteria for PA School Candidates

It’s much easier to perform well on a test if you know how you’re being scored. This same concept is true for your acceptance into a PA program. Knowing what the program is looking for and how they’ll be assessing you is critical for performing well during the application process. Keep these three main scoring criteria for PA school in mind when writing your personal narratives and conducting your interviews. Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About The Physician Assistant Program Application Process

The PA School Application Process Timeline

Before you begin the physician assistant program application process, you’ll want to create a timeline for yourself. This timeline will not only help you flesh out what tasks need to be done by when, but it will also help you organize your application materials. Your timeline will help keep you on top of the application process and plan for the unexpected- changes in course scheduling, extracurricular activities, deadlines, etc.

Applications are usually submitted a year prior to attending, but you’d be surprised how quickly a year can fly by! Applying early helps you avoid those unexpected delays, allow for processing time, and may even improve your chance of admission to programs that use rolling admissions.

Below is a basic timeline for the PA program application process. Keep in mind that we’ve broken up our timeline into two major chunks: before applying and during the application process. You may want to create a more detailed monthly timeline to better keep track of your application progress. Read more »

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