Financial Resources to Ease the Cost of PA School

Let’s face it- higher education isn’t cheap.

Finding the funds to cover the cost of PA school may be difficult, but it shouldn’t be a barrier between you and your career aspirations. While the cost of attendance can vary significantly between programs, there are plenty of resources available for students that are in need of some financial assistance- you just need to know where to look! The following tips and resources are great tools to help you finance your PA education.

Federal Loans

Anyone who has attended college or any type of higher-level education program is probably well aware of the federal loan programs available. The Federal Student Aid program sponsored by the US Department of Education typically accounts for the majority of a student’s financial assistance. While loans should be your last resource, its important to apply in order to find out how much federal aid is available for you.

Remember, you don’t have to take the entire amount offered to you! The loan amount you accept should cover the remaining amount you owe after any scholarships, grants, or other types of financial aid.

State Funding

Depending on your state of residence or the state your program is in, you may qualify for additional assistance. Its always a good idea to consult with the financial aid office for each program to determine if you qualify for any state assistance.

Tax Credits

You may qualify for Education Tax Credits or be eligible to deduct a large portion of your educational costs on your taxes. The IRS Student Resource site is a great resource for continuing students looking to offset the costs of their education.


First and foremost, check with each program to find out if there are any program-specific scholarships offered through your school.   If you find that you are not eligible for any school-sponsored scholarships, there are still plenty of scholarships offered through the following organizations:

The following are also some specialized and demographic-specific scholarships:

Other Resources

For other financial assistance resources check out Niche’s listing of available scholarships for students attending a PA program. SimpleTuition and FinAid also give you tools to help compare the potential costs of each program and can help you determine which sources of aid are right for you.