PA School Personal Narrative Review

Your personal statement is a major factor in your PA school application – it helps you stand out among the thousands of other students who also have an excellent GPA, extracurriculars, and direct patient contact.

  • Training Program: Creating a Stellar Personal Narrative
  • Review of your personal statement by a current or former PA school admissions committee member.


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Our online training program includes a three-video lecture series designed to help you create a personal PA school narrative, featuring how-to’s, best ways of getting started with the narrative, and some writing tips.
Topics include:
1. A growing PA profession
2. Make your application stand out
3. A Stellar Personal Narrative
4. First impressions
5. A comparison of PA school applicants
6. Securing the interview
7. Four objectives of the personal narrative
8. Characteristics of a GREAT personal narrative
9. What is a personal statement?
10. Structuring your personal narrative
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