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What Can The Pre Physician Assistant Clerkship Program Offer You?

If you’re interested in our Pre Physician Assistant Clerkship, you’ve probably already read our basic breakdown of the program.  Between the 200 hours of real-life patient experience, patient advocacy experience, the mentorship portion, online coursework, and mock interviews, you’ll be learning and growing rapidly over the course of this 16-week program, but do you have a good sense of what particular skills you’ll be developing?

Here’s a quick breakdown of our PA Clerkship program AND all of the great benefits each component provides!

Patent Advocacy Experience

  • What You Do
    • Act as a patient liaison, quality assurance team member, and healthcare team member
    • Deliver quality of life patient survey
    • Attend weekly directors meetings
  • How You Benefit
    • Develop skills in bedside manner
    • Develop patient interaction/interviewing skills
    • Gain real life experience in detecting and resolving patient quality of life issues
    • Earn hands-on experience as liaison between patients and staff
    • Gain experience creating plans of action and following through on them
    • Learn how to function as part of healthcare team

Physician Assistant Mentorship

  • What You Do
    • Shadow and be mentored by a working Physician Assistant
  • How You Benefit
    • Learn about the PA profession through direct observation
    • Observe interactions between a PA and their patients
    • Observe the collaboration between a PA and Physicians
    • Directly observe PA medical practice

Online Coursework

  • What You Do
    • 36 Didactic training modules in written communication and one on one verbal communication.
  • How You Benefit
    • Huge boost in communication skills for interacting with coworkers
    • Opportunity to hone communication skills with patients (aka your bedside manner)

Mock Interviews

  • What You Do
    • Participate in two videotaped mock interviews
    • Have your strengths and weaknesses evaluated by our interview panel
  • How You Benefit
    • Increased self-assessment skills
    • Highly develop your communication and critical thinking skills
    • Improved self confidence

Graduate Project

    • What You Do
      • Administer and assess Quality of Life Patient Survey
      • Present Plan of Action to faculty and administration
    • How You Benefit
      • Gain a sense of contribution to quality improvement
      • Improve presentation skills

Those are just a few of the benefits you’ll gain from choosing the Excell Pre PA Clerkship and Mentorship Program.  No matter what level you may be starting from, the program is guaranteed to improve your confidence as well as the basic skills needed to ace any PA program interview.  Still not convinced?  Take a look at some of the testimonials from past Excell program graduates.

The EXCELL Fact Sheet: What can our Pre-PA program do for you?

Did you know the national acceptance rate to PA schools nationwide is only 6.7%? Compare this to the 97% acceptance rate for EXCELL clerkship graduates and you’ll see exactly what the EXCELL has to offer!

The EXCELL Pre PA clerkship is a fantastic way to secure your future by taking a huge, proactive step towards becoming a PA. Everyone applying to PA school will have shadowing experience, but few will have the experience and mentoring hours you’ll have after completing our program. Read more »

Tips For Your PA School Interview: Behavioral Questions

Answering behavioral questions is an essential skill for making it through a PA school interview. You need to be fully prepared for any type of question thrown your way, but behavioral questions require a special level of care and finesse because your answers need to provide a large amount of information in a short window of time. If you’re too long-winded, your interview committee will lose track of where your answer is going (or where you started in the first place), but being too short throttles your opportunity to give a fully-rounded answer.

We’ve compiled a handful of tips to help you answer behavioral questions. By following this guideline while you prepare for your interviews, you’re guaranteed to be ready for anything thrown your way! Read more »