The EXCELL Fact Sheet: What can our Pre-PA program do for you?

Did you know the national acceptance rate to PA schools nationwide is only 6.7%? Compare this to the 97% acceptance rate for EXCELL clerkship graduates and you’ll see exactly what the EXCELL has to offer!

The EXCELL Pre PA clerkship is a fantastic way to secure your future by taking a huge, proactive step towards becoming a PA. Everyone applying to PA school will have shadowing experience, but few will have the experience and mentoring hours you’ll have after completing our program.

Students who finish the Pre PA Clerkship gain the following:

  • 200 hours of quality, real-life Patient Experience
  • Patient Advocacy Experience
    As a patient liaison, quality assurance team member, and healthcare team member, you’ll have the opportunity to:

o   Develop your bedside manner

o   Interact and/or interview patients

o   Detect and resolve patient quality of life issues

o   Work as a liaison between patients and staff

o   Develop a plan of actions and follow up

o   Experience being part of a healthcare team

  • PA Mentorship
    The mentorship includes both mentoring and shadowing experience.   By the end of your clerkship, you’ll gain insight into the PA profession and have ample opportunity to observe the interactions between PA and patients, the collaboration of PAs and physicians, and the overall medical practice of a PA.
  • Online Coursework
    Our 36 Didactic training modules include instruction in:

o   Written communication

o   Verbal communication

o   Vocal tone

o   Body Language

These modules are designed to help you write a compelling personal narrative and have an effective interview, but they also have the added benefit of boosting your communication skills for interacting with both coworkers and patients.

  • Two videotaped mock interviews
    You’ll have the chance to put what you’ve learned to the test in our mock interviews! You’ll be able to practice your communication skills and get a better sense for what to expect come interview day. Your interviews will be taped and critiqued by our interview panel to help evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Graduate Project
    Graduates complete a Quality of Life patient survey as well as a plan of action presentation to facility administration. These projects will boost both your confidence and presentation skills.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to kick-start your new career and guarantee yourself a spot in the PA program of your choosing, contact us today!