EXCELL Education Pre- Physician Assistant Programs

You’ve decided that you want to become a Physician Assistant – but what’s the next step? Being admitted to a Physician Assistant program is tough – the national acceptance rate is about 4.7% per individual school.

After completing your undergraduate degree, you’ll need to complete a Physician Assistant program, in most cases equivalent to a Master’s degree. The curriculum involves didactic coursework and clinical rotations in a variety of specialties.

How to get Accepted to PA school

Most applicants have an exceptional GPA, lots of volunteer work and community service activities as well as simple shadowing – so how can you join the 4.7%?

The two portions of the Physician Assistant school application where you have the opportunity to stand out are the interview and the personal statement.

The EXCELL Education Pre-Physician Assistant Program will hone your interviewing skills, offer direct patient contact experience, and give you the opportunity to have your personal statement personally reviewed by a staff physician assistant.

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