Demonstrating Personal Integrity During Your PA School Interview

During the PA school interview process, you will be asked a handful of ethical questions.  These questions are designed to evaluate your professional and academic integrity, as well as your sense of morality.  These questions are a way to see how you would react in situations that challenge your ethical standards, and generally place you in an uncomfortable scenario.  In these scenarios, you’ll likely have to balance your emotional response, moral code, and understanding of what a PA can and cannot do when providing care. Read more »

How to Choose the Right Pre-Physician Assistant Major

If you’re thinking about becoming a Physician Assistant, you’re probably questioning what the “right” or “best” path is towards getting into PA school. The majority of students question which major will give them the competitive edge needed to get into the best PA program possible. Students that are in the process of completing their undergraduate degree or those who have decided to return to school often think that majoring in biology, pre-med, or even a dedicated pre-PA program are the only options if they want to become a PA. While this vein of thinking is completely logical, challenging majors like these aren’t always your best bet.  Read more »

The Essential Personal Narrative First Draft Guide

If you’re having a hard time starting your personal narrative, don’t feel discouraged! Many intelligent pre-physician assistant students struggle with starting their writing process because of how open-ended and overwhelming the prompt can be. After all, there are infinite reasons why you want to become a physician assistant and you have a lifetime of experiences and motivations to pull from. Combine that with the fact that your admissions panel will be looking for unique, convincing, well written, and well intentioned personal statements, and it seems almost impossible to write a strong personal statement. Read more »

What’s your true motivation to become a PA?

If you’re going to convey honesty and transparency in your personal narrative, it’s crucial to understand what motivates you.  It’s unlikely that your interview panel will directly ask what motivates you, but they may ask about the reasons you chose to become a PA.  If you’re just looking for notoriety, a decent salary, or for the opportunity to “help people” your motives will undoubtedly be questioned. Read more »

How to Get The Best Letters of Recommendation

More often than not, applicants don’t focus enough of their attention on their letters of recommendation. Many pick a handful of references, provide them with the information needed to submit their recommendations, and completely forget about them.  While you can’t involve yourself to the point where you’re editing your own letters of recommendation, an outstanding letter of recommendation could very well be the difference between landing an interview and being passed over by admissions committees. Read more »

Ace your PA School Interview By Building Your Memory Database

There’s nothing better than having the answer to a question ready at a moment’s notice, and that goes double for interview questions.  Knowing that you have the perfect response to fall back on allows you to focus on other things such as appearance and body language.  But how to you build this collection of “perfect answers” to the point where you can easily refer to it?
Read more »

Reduce Interview Stress Using The STAR Technique

Do you suffer from stress or anxiety? Nobody is immune to the pre-interview jitters, and other than getting a good night’s sleep and drinking some relaxing tea, there’s nothing that will settle your nerves better than being prepared ahead of time!

Preparation is the key to conquering stress, but stressful situations can happen at any time and affect even the most prepared person.  If you’re easily susceptible to stress or have a hard time getting control of your nerves, the STAR technique can help.  When used properly, this simple technique can target the root of your stress and obliterate it. Read more »

The Top 5 Reasons to Become a Physician Assistant

When considering a career in healthcare, there are plenty of options to choose from.  Most people assume that becoming a doctor is the best option for working in medicine purely based on their high rate of pay, but this simply isn’t true.  If that logic were applied to other fields of work, we’d have a surplus of architects and no carpenters, or an abundance of chefs and no farmers.

Becoming a PA is a rewarding way to provide hands on patient care without many of the barriers MDs face along the way.  Don’t believe us? Here are just 5 of the countless reasons why becoming a PA could be a great fit for you. Read more »

Do You Know The Main Objective Of Your PA School Personal Narrative?

While in the process of writing your personal narrative, it’s important to keep its major purpose in mind. The purpose isn’t to showcase your life story, nor is it to prove that you’re the most talented or qualified PA who has ever walked the earth.  Your personal narrative’s sole purpose is to secure an invitation for an interview- that’s it!  Read more »

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