Customized Pre-PA Programs

If you’ve checked out our proven Clerkship Program and it seems like overkill, we can develop a custom program to target your specific areas of concern. Whether you need help fine-tuning your personal narrative, want to practice advanced interviewing skills, or have other concerns regarding the PA school application process, we’re here to help. Our custom programs start at just $199 – fill in the form below to get started:

Applying to PA School for the second time?

physician assistant school application assistance
If you’ve already applied to PA school and have not been accepted, we’re here to help! Just because you were not accepted to PA school does not mean you don’t have what it takes to become a Physician Assistant – the reality is, there is just a lot of competition. Our Strategic Training And Resources (STAR) program will help you learn how to strengthen your application through a customized program designed just for you!

  1. Fill out a survey outlining why you were not accepted to the schools where you applied (below)
  2. Participate in a free counseling session with us to review your candidacy.
  3. We’ll provide advice to strengthen your application, including a specific program designed to help you achieve success

This is not a certificate program, so there is no application. Based on your specific needs, your customized program may include:

  • Online programs chosen to help strengthen weak areas of your application
  • Personal statement review
  • Mock interviews

If you know you want to be a Physician Assistant but have not been accepted to PA school, don’t give up – you can optimize your second application with the Take 2 STAR Program!
Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.