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The Best Follow-Up Questions To Ask At Your PA School Interview

It’s the interview question we all dread: “Do you have any questions for me?”  Inevitably, you’ll be asked this question at the end of your interview, right when you think you’re out of the weeds.

Don’t let this question catch you off guard!  PA interviews are designed so the program can gauge whether or not you’re a viable and valuable candidate for their program, but they’re also conducted so YOU can get a good sense of a program and whether it’s a good fit for you and your goals. By asking some of the following questions for your follow-up, you’ll show that you’re genuinely interested in learning more about that specific program while showing that you’re a competent and observant individual. Read more »

Healthcare: Entitlement or Right?

In an era where the face of healthcare is rapidly changing amidst an affordability crisis, the question on everyone’s mind is simple: is healthcare a right to all that live in our country? This question is difficult and goes into the entitlement vs. right debate. As a future physician assistant, you must bear in mind that it is our obligation as health care providers to provide care to everyone, giving them the best care possible.  That being said, we need to always make sure we act ethically and base our decisions around providing the best possible care without bringing our own biases or morals into play.

Read more »

How to Turn Perfectionism Into a Strength

When faced with the question “what is your greatest weakness”, many people defer to describing themselves as perfectionists, thinking it will give them an easy pass on the question.  They admit their need to always do exceedingly well and their refusal to accept any standard short of perfection as a weakness, but then always subsequently try to spin it as strength.  Truthfully, the perfectionist response is fairly stale and doesn’t actually say anything about you besides “I picked a boiler-plate response to this question.” Read more »

The Key Elements of a Strong Answer to PA School Interview Questions

When it comes to answering an interview question, many will tell you that there is a right and a wrong answer- but what about a strong answer?  A strong answer can take many shapes and forms, but it should always have a significant impact.  Regardless, crafting a strong answer takes hard work and preparation.  By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to formulate strong answers for some of the most common yet difficult questions asked during your interview. Read more »

How to Stand Out During Your PA School Interview

You never get a second chance at making a first impression. Just like judging a book by its cover or a restaurant by its pictures on Yelp, people often judge each other immediately upon meeting.  If we apply this to the PA school application process, this means you’ll be judged as an applicant the moment you walk into the interview room.  To help maximize your first impression, you first need to identify what aspects people focus on when forming an opinion about a person they don’t know.

The following items comprise the Eight Stages of Approach, a foolproof list of attributes we use as the criteria for evaluating another person. To ensure you make a memorable first impression on interview day, you’ll want to focus on each of these items individually before interview day. Read more »

20 PA School Interview Questions You MUST Master

Being prepared for your PA program interview is crucial for success on interview day. Knowing how to handle any question that’s thrown at you is a good way to keep your cool during the interview, but sometimes it helps to know the questions that might be asked of you ahead of time.

The following is a list of some of the most common behavioral questions asked during the interview process. Try to familiarize yourself with these questions and come up with your go-to answers. If you have an answer ready for each of the following, you’ll ace your interview! Read more »

9 PA School Application Resources

Preparing your PA school application can be difficult without any outside help. Creating a timeline for the application process can help you stay on top of your application materials, but it won’t provide you with tools you can use to actually help you prepare.

If researching PA programs, preparing your narrative, gaining health care experience, or practicing for your interview seems overwhelming, you may want to consider using some of the valuable resources below. You’ll find that with a little reassurance, a helping hand, and some tools to rely on, you’ll be able to ace the entire application process. Read more »

Receiving and Growing From Constructive Criticism

Whether it’s been at work, school, or in a personal setting, all of us have received constructive criticism at some point.  Constructive criticism is a type of evaluation that involves both positive and negative feedback.  While this type of feedback is typically used to help improve the recipient and to encourage personal or professional growth, it has the potential to cause a negative reaction. Read more »

How to Spot Inappropriate Interview Questions

When you’re in the interview room, the last thing you want to do is lose your focus. It’s easy to lose your focus if you’re unprepared, but you can be thrown off if you’re asked a question that’s out of bounds or inappropriate, even if you’ve spent the past year preparing for your interviews.

Questions should be about your qualifications to become a physician assistant, not about your personal information. If you find yourself facing an uncomfortable or seemingly inappropriate line of questioning, know your rights as an applicant. You do not have to answer out-of-place, unrelated, or illegal questions directly and can choose to either defer your answer or address the questions as inappropriate.

The following are examples of questions that should not be posed during your interview.  Read more »

Do you know what the top PA programs are looking for?

You’ve completed your personal narrative, submitted your application, and may have even completed your interview. You know that, based on your experiences, grades, and demeanor that you’d be a great pick for any PA program. You may think you’ve got this in the bag – but do you really know what PA programs look for when judging their potential students?  Read more »

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