Ace Your PA School Interview – With An Attitude Adjustment!

Attitude is one of the first things that people notice about you, especially in a one on one encounter.  If you have a bad attitude, it can affect the way people choose to interact with you. You can adjust your attitude if you want to- the secret is to make sure that your mind and your body are in a harmonious state.

If you want to see attitude adjustment in action, try smiling every time you walk through a doorway.  The doorway is a threshold and your cue to smile deliberately to everyone in the room from the moment you enter.  Smiling can cause a real physiological change in your body, helping you conquer your anxiety and get you into a happy mood. Do you know what happens when you exude calmness and happiness? It makes everyone in the room more likely to smile and reflect these feelings right back at you! Remember, your smile or lack thereof is a reflection of your attitude, and it can have an infectious effect on the others in the room.

If you struggle with your attitude being perceived in a way that’s out of sync with your inner feelings and thoughts, try doing the following exercise.  It can help you consciously pick up on the small changes in your body language, tone, and behavior which are important components of your perceived attitude.

While standing in front of a mirror, repeat each phrase below.  Try to really focus on your body language and voice to emphasize the state the word describes.

Say the phrases while pretending you’re in each of the following states:

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Calm

Phrase 1: “I am leaving now.”

Phrase 2: “What are you doing here?”

Phrase 3: “I cannot believe this.”

Notice the change in your body language? Just like an actor getting into character, going through this exercise can really isolate some of your speaking habits and mannerisms so you can clearly convey who you are.  Once you’re aware of how you’re perceived by others, it becomes easier to adjust your attitude to fit any situation.

When you’re around other people, they can sense your body language and tend to start experiencing the same feelings that you are. Do you want the interviewers to feel your stress, impatience, or fear when you walk into the room?  Of course not!  Do everything in your power to give them a sense of your confidence, excitement, and warmth, and you’re sure to knock it out of the park on interview day!