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Founder Phil Festa Earns Award for Outstanding Public Education PA of the Year from NJSSPA

  Congratulations to the EXCELL program founder John Philip Festa, PA-C who has recently been honored by the New Jersey State Society of Physician Assistants with an Outstanding Public Education Physician Assistant of the Year award “for  enhancing the image of the PA profession through active engagement in the early training and education of potential future PA students.”
John Philip Festa PA-C honored by NJ State Society of Physician Assistants

Gregory Pierson PA-C, Member of the AAPA House of Delegates; Diane Daw PA-C, John Philip Festa PA-C, EXCELL founder; President of the NJ State Society of Physician Assistants
From left to right: Gregory Pierson PA-C, Member of the AAPA House of Delegates; John Philip Festa PA-C, EXCELL founder; Diane Daw PA-C, President of the NJ State Society of Physician Assistants.

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Congratulations to our Fall 2014 Graduates!

We’re thrilled to announce the EXCELL class of Fall 2014!

At our graduation luncheon on February 28, we celebrated EXCELL Education’s five spring graduates. NJSSPA immediate past president Ryan White provided some words of wisdom and Lt. Colonel Steven P McKenzie, spoke about the rich history of Physician Assistants in the military and the exceptional opportunities available to future PAs. Read more »

Last Chance to Join the Spring Pre- Physician Assistant Mentorship Program!

Applications for our spring session closed on Monday….and we had so many outstanding applicants that we almost didn’t have enough physician assistant mentors to handle them all! We intentionally keep our program small so we can give each student personalized attention – but this season, our applicants really inspired us. So, we pulled a few strings, secured a few more opportunities, and opened up just 3 more spots.

physician assistant mentorship

We truly believe in investing in the future of the PA profession – it’s one of the fastest-growing jobs in the USA, and we want to do all we can to help those who feel it is their true calling. Our program remains elite, and we only accept top students who we think have what it takes to be a phenomenal Physician Assistant. So these three spots will fill up quickly! We’re leaving the opportunity open for two more weeks, but bear in mind that our admissions process is based on rolling applications – so they may not last that long!

We can’t wait to meet our prospective PA students – but remember, if we don’t have your application by December 15, you’ll have to wait for the Fall Session to apply. Request your application now!

EXCELL Launches the First Online Pre- Physician Assistant Program

We’re thrilled to announce that the EXCELL Physician Assistant Mentorship and Clerkship program has been so successful (graduates to date have all been accepted into PA school!) that we’ve decided to offer the coursework portion of the program to students who want to maximize their Physician Assistant potential but are unable to participate in a full mentorship or clerkship program.

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