Pre Physician Assistant Programs

Medical Terminology [EXED101]

Get a head start on your medical 
terminology requirement for PA school 
Get a head start before taking 
Medical Terminology as an undergraduate.
Take this course as a refresher before taking your Medical Terminology examination before starting PA School. Note: Not for college credit

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Creating a Stellar Personal Narrative Course [EXED201]

Includes a 6-module on line program which includes a three video lecture series and three quizzes on how to write a stellar personal narrative for your PA school application.

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Personal Narrative Review & Edit [EXED202]

Have your personal narrative reviewed by an experienced member 
of PA School Admissions Committees. Your narrative will be 
reviewed with suggested edits and rationale. Max 5000 characters
. Additional documents for review,
including essay questions, will incur an additional charge in increments of 5000 characters. 

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Combination: Creating a Stellar Personal Narrative PLUS Review and Edit [EXED203]

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Optimizing Your PA School Interview Performance [EXED301]

Includes a 200-page Course Program Guide (PDF), a 16-module on line program which includes a nine video lecture series and six quizzes on how to optimize your PA school interview performance utilizing techniques that have been proven through the EXCELL Pre Physician Assistant Clerkship program.
Topics covered in these videos include in depth discussion of:

  • The PA Profession
  • Types of Questions You Can Expect at Your Interview
  • Advanced Interviewing Techniques
  • Over 70 topics to help you Optimize Your Interview Performance

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PA School Interview Coaching & Mock Interviews [EXED302]

Includes two (each 60 minutes maximum) live online video interviews with a physician assistant experienced in interviewing PA school candidates, as well as a critique of your performance included on the recording. You may download this recording on your computer 
for later and repeated review. Only you and the Program Director will have the password to these recording and they are kept completely confidential. Includes “Advanced Interviewing Techniques” video and PDF and one example mock interview video.

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Combination: Optimizing your PA School Interview Course PLUS PA School Interview Coaching [EXED303]

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Complete Online Package [EXED203 & EXED303]

Save 20% when you purchase together! $1,699.76

  • Creating a Stellar Personal Narrative Course
  • Personal Narrative Review & Edit
  • Optimizing Your PA School Interview Course
  • PA School Interview Coaching (Mock interviews)

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Mobile Application: The Distinctive Personal Narrative [EXMA100]

Your personal narrative is likely the most important piece of
writing you will create in your career to date. Enough cannot
be said about the importance of your personal narrative! Your
personal narrative is the ticket to your PA school interview, if
it sets you apart from your competition! This mobile app
(audio) will help you to understand and implement the
principles the have been employed and proven successful by students who have enjoyed a 97% success rate in getting accepted to PA schools across the country. The four modules include:

  • The Foundation of Your Personal Narrative
  • Writing a Superior Personal Narrative
  • Putting You in Your Personal Narrative
  • Building Your Personal Narrative

Just $179.99!

Mobile Application: The PA School interview – Putting Preparation into Action! [EXMA102]

There are an almost infinite number of potential questions that an interviewer can ask you. An aspiring applicant cannot possibly know what to expect at the interview completely. Ultimately, the interview is about who you are. As such, this mobile app focuses on helping 
you discover yourself and the potential PA within you. Topics include:

  • General Interview Criteria
  • Writing Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Preparation

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Mobile Application: Advanced Interview Skills [EXMA103]

This module has been developed after five years of research in the “laboratory of experience” that is the EXCELL Pre-Physician Assistant Clerkship program. It includes notable Do’s and Don’ts for an effective PA School interview. Its contents are the result of post interview discussion with our graduates who have gone through the process. Additionally, I have included skills developed from analyzing well over a hundred mock interview videos and critiques, as well as consideration of public speaking, marketing techniques, communication strategies, body language and neurolinguistics. The information contained in this module has been largely credited for giving EXCELL students the final razor’s edge advantage in the PA school interview process.

Just $179.99!