Our Physician Assistant Mentors

The most basic definition of Mentor is, “a wise and trusted counsellor, teacher, coach, influential sponsor or supporter, guide, trainer or instructor.”

The definition of shadowing is “to follow closely, observe.”

Notice this difference; a shadow is activity that ends, and the activity is itself the result of the activity – in other words, the objective of shadowing is to expose you to the daily activities of a PA. Once your observation is done, your activity is over.

Contrast this to the definition of Mentor: the relationship between you and your mentor may never end. As long as you have a need for learning, counselling, support, guidance, or training, your mentor will be with you  - well into your career.

EXCELL Physician Assistant Mentors are committed to your success and our Mentors have the cumulative experience of having attended Rutgers University, Seton Hall University, Cornell University, Mercy College, Touro College, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Desales University, Arcadia University, Temple University, Lemoyne University, Salus University, and others. In addition, they have the cumulative experience of having mentored well over a hundred pre PA and PA students.

We at EXCELL are very grateful for the participation and dedication of our PA Mentors!

Meet the EXCELL PA Mentors

PA Kasey R.
Emergency Medicine
PA John A.
Emergency Medicine
PA Aaron J.
PA Julia J.
PMR & Pain Management
PA Christianne E.
PA Diane B.
Transgender Medicine
PA John A.
Emerg. & Trauma Medicine
PA Kayla H.
Emergency Medicine
PA Lauren G.
Family Practice
PA Lisa V.
Emergency Medicine
PA Maya M.
Family practice
PA Maureen C.
PA Elizabeth O.
PA Katy A.
Urgent Care/Primary Care
PA Philip F.
PMR/Pain Management

EXCELL Clerkship Student Coaches

In addition to the support of our operational staff and PA Mentors, EXCELL Pre PA Clerkship students have the unique benefit of being assigned to a Clerkship Student Coach!

So what is a CSC? Clerkship Student Coaches are EXCELL graduates who have been through the process of applying to and interviewing for PA school. They are Pre-PA students just like you who have experienced the preparatory process you are going through. They have been on the same journey that you are on right now! They have been through the anxiety, frustrations and challenges that you face. He or she is someone you can commiserate with, who knows how you feel and can give you advice from a fresh and current perspective. The CSC’s operational function is to help you through the day to day process of the EXCELL Pre PA Clerkship program. They are your first line go to person providing guidance with the technology EXCELL uses to help you maximize the benefits of the program!

Sally S.
Donna D.
Rob V.
Kassandra M.
Maeda S.
Jennifer M.
Lavinia C.
PA coordinator
Nicole C.
Priya D.

The combined experience of our dedicated PA Mentors and CSC associates as well as our administrative staff is brought together not just to “get you accepted to PA school”, but rather to help you develop the mindset of a caring clinician. It is this commitment that has brought EXCELL students outstanding success since our inception in 2012.