Physician Assistant Programs: Become a Mentor

You can Shape the Future of the Profession

We hope you will see the value in offering to become a mentor for aspiring Physician Assistants. It takes no additional effort on your part – all you need to do is allow your assigned Pre PA to follow you as you go about your daily responsibilities and answer any questions they may have.

Benefits of Mentoring a Pre Physician Assistant

  • Personal Satisfaction: know that you are making a difference
  • Professional Development: the best way to see how well you know something is to teach it
  • Self-Renewal: Having new energy in your professional life can renew your job satisfaction
  • Improved Work Environment: Our Pre PAs are trained patient liaisons
  • Giving Back: Volunteer your knowledge and time
  • Increased Professional Stimulation: Enjoy a fresh perspective in your daily work
  • Enthusiasm: Our Pre PAs are thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from you every day