The Top 5 Reasons to Become a Physician Assistant

When considering a career in healthcare, there are plenty of options to choose from.  Most people assume that becoming a doctor is the best option for working in medicine purely based on their high rate of pay, but this simply isn’t true.  If that logic were applied to other fields of work, we’d have a surplus of architects and no carpenters, or an abundance of chefs and no farmers.

Becoming a PA is a rewarding way to provide hands on patient care without many of the barriers MDs face along the way.  Don’t believe us? Here are just 5 of the countless reasons why becoming a PA could be a great fit for you.

  1. Being a PA is Rewarding
    At the very top of the list is the one of the most obvious reasons.  Many of us try to find a working environment that fits their personality and satisfies their occupational needs.  While doctors and PAs do much of the same work, PAs have a higher focus on patient care. You get to spend your time providing top notch patient care without worrying about the rest of the bureaucratic mess that comes along with being a doctor.
  2. You Get to Work as a Team
    Teamwork makes the dream work, and this is especially true for PAs.  Doctors tend to be leaders who often find themselves at the head of a department or practice.  The extra responsibility or burden of being the “decision maker” can separate doctors from their co-workers in a way that doesn’t typically happen for PAs.  If you love working as part of a team, you may find the PA career much more rewarding.
  3. You Make a Great Salary
    Yes, doctors tend to come in on top for the highest salaries out there, but PAs make a fantastic living as well.  In fact, the average rate of pay for a PA continues to rise year after year due to increased demand.  PAs can even earn a six-figure income by working in high paying specialties like dermatology or oncology.
  4. You Spend Less Time In School
    Medical school is no laughing matter.  If you compare the 7-8 years of school and residencies a typical doctor needs against the 2-3 years required to become a PA, there’s no question that PA programs are the fast track to a rewarding medical career without the burdensome debt.  Becoming a PA is no easy feat, but you’ll be able to start working and paying off what debts you may have incurred much faster than an MD.
  5. You Get A Flexible Career and a Great Work-Life Balance
    Doctors train for years just to work in one specialty and they’re typically locked into that specialty for good.  PAs have a huge advantage because they have the qualifications needed to work in virtually any medical specialty, and can transition from one specialty to another without needing to go back to school. PAs also work more regular hours. This means that you can work a fulfilling career and fulfilling life outside of work without having to compromise.