Make Your Summer Count With EXCELL Pre-PA Programs

We know its cold outside (that special kind of “I might just live in this blanket forever” cold), but it’s never too early to start thinking about your summer plans! With January behind us, it’s time to start planning your next step towards becoming a physician assistant.

Are you finishing up your undergraduate degree and looking to go straight into a PA program? Are you planning on taking some time off to work and boost your resume between finishing your undergraduate degree and starting PA school?  Maybe you’re interesting in switching career paths and need a bit of guidance to start you off on the right track.  No matter what your situation may be, you’ll need to have a solid plan to prepare you for the path ahead.

Don’t make the mistake of taking too long to start preparing! Invest your time in a program that will drastically increase your chances of getting into PA school.  EXCELL offers many summer pre-PA programs with differing levels of flexibility, so you can jump-start your pre-PA school education while still maintaining your ideal work-life balance (and your tan).

Our Pre-Physician Assistant Clerkship Program is our most in-depth Pre-PA program.  It combines shadowing and mentoring with mock interviews, a graduate project, patient contact experience, and more! Just look at all the great opportunities you’ll gain when you choose EXCELL:

  • 200 hours of real-life patient experience
  • Patient advocacy experience as a liaison, quality assurance team member, and healthcare team member
  • A mentorship including both mentor and shadow experience
  • Online coursework with 36 modules for training in written and one-on-one communication
  • Two recorded mock interviews and critiques by an interview panel
  • A graduate project

If the Clerkship Program doesn’t fit your busy schedule, we also offer plenty of online options you can complete at your own pace.  These programs are designed to guide you as you write your personal statement, prepare for your interviews, and help you increase your general medical knowledge before starting a PA program.

Whichever program you choose, now is the time to start nailing down your summer plans!  Be sure to visit our Pre-Physician Assistant Clerkship Program page for details and program deadlines.